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Bay Area Earthquake Retrofitting

Bay Area Earthquake Retrofitting

When Is The Best Time To Earthquake Retrofit Bay Area Commercial Properties?

Earthquake retrofitting a commercial property in the Bay Area is a great way to reinforce the durability of a building before an earthquake hits. It’s never too soon to plan conscientious safety measures. Still, many commercial real estate managers would like to plan a time in the future for undergoing major structural work. Whereas a vacant property is better for structural repairs and improvements, the responsible thing is to make arrangements ASAP. By hiring a contractor that is skilled in working with occupied buildings, property owners are able to safeguard their real estate from outrageously expensive damages. Nobody knows when the next big earthquake is going to hit? Earthquakes generally tend to surprise communities when they strike!

Although we realize that earthquake instability is going up, it is easier to think that the next big earthquake won’t strike the city we live or work in. This opinion is even common among people living and working along main fault lines and in places that regularly encounter earthquake tremors. Shockingly, the majority of commercial real estate owners decide not to invest in EQ insurance for their buildings. Even more shocking is the fact that many wouldn’t qualify for EQ insurance even if they desired it. The state of their property is frequently not up to the standards of insurance companies, a fact that will surely get the attention of many. We should all be aware that the recent destruction witnessed in other countries could very easily occur here as well.

Bay Area Property Owners Should Consider An Earthquake Retrofit To Protect Their Investment From The Damaging Effects Of An Earthquake.

Although it is tempting to recruit a general contractor for an earthquake retrofit project, property owners need to be aware of the pitfalls of doing so. There is the possibility of a general contractor subcontracting the work to another, or worse, exaggerating his or her aptitude for the job (most general contractors don’t have the detailed retrofitting knowledge that a specialist does).

A roof may only need replacing once every ten to twenty years. However, a great opportunity to undergo a more thorough earthquake retrofitting process is presented when a property is in need of extensive roof repair or a whole new roof. The reason for this is due to accessibility to perform retrofit work above the roof deck. Coordinating both of these property enhancements can offer a sizeable savings.  Owners often elect to do these types of projects in the summer because of the added sunlight, extended days, and lower seasonal rainfall.

In order to combine an earthquake retrofit with a roof replacement, commercial property owners need to assemble a team of skilled contractors who can coordinate their duties effectively. Without proper organization, an exposed roof could be opened up to inclement weather beyond what is acceptable. Employing a qualified retrofit contractor is crucial.

Saunders Commercial Earthquake Retrofit Bay Area can provide a detailed and comprehensive examination of a real estate owner’s property. Owners are held accountable for the safety and security of their commercial buildings, including the occupants, machinery, and inventory inside. Saunders Commercial Earthquake Retrofit Bay Area offers a retrofit insurance quote based on present and after-retrofitting values, so clients can easily calculate their ROI.

If you have questions about commercial earthquake retrofitting in the Bay Area or would like to learn more about the best time to protect your Bay Area real estate property from an earthquake, call Saunders Commercial Earthquake Retrofit Bay Area today!

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