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Maintain Building Safety Codes with an Earthquake Retrofit

Maintain Building Safety Codes with an Earthquake Retrofit

It is in the best interest of every commercial property owner to make sure their building meets the latest safety codes.  Oftentimes, however, property owners allow their building to go for long periods of time without retrofitting or even renovations and necessary maintenance.  In some states, including all of California, completing regular maintenance and renovations is more than just a cosmetic update project.  In order to keep their properties as safe as possible, commercial property owners may need to schedule an earthquake retrofit to ensure their building is structurally sound.                                                                                                 

Most people throughout California are aware that the next big temblor is expected at some point within the next 25-30 years.  With that being said, commercial property owners must keep not only their structure in mind, but also their tenants, especially when they consider property maintenance, overall safety and insurance coverage. Business tenants will feel more secure when they know that inspections and maintenance are completed on a regular basis.  Business owners often will not stay in occupancy contracts if they feel that their location is not safe for their employees, equipment and clients.  Commercial property owners quickly find out that tenant turnover is costly and impacts the value of the property. It is important to note that when the BIG ONE does, in fact, occur, commercial property owners will be liable for financial loss, personal injuries and the remaining mortgage, if the building collapses.

In the mid-1980’s, building codes were much less stringent than they are today.  Commercial properties built before the mid-1980’s most likely do not meet the current safety codes and most insurance companies are unwilling to insure those older buildings.  If you own a property that is more than 30 years old and it has not already been strengthened with an earthquake retrofit, now is the time to schedule a specialized contractor with retrofitting experience to complete a thorough building inspection.

Seismic retrofitting contractors will consider the original construction method used to determine the best earthquake retrofitting solutions to bring your building up to current safety standards.  Once the building evaluation is finalized, your contractor will offer a plan and quote to complete the necessary maintenance.  Many commercial building owners and landlords express concern about bringing work crews into occupied spaces.  Be sure to choose an experienced contractor who specializes in earthquake retrofitting.  Professional earthquake retrofitting contractors have the experience to organize the maintenance work necessary with few interruptions to everyday business operations.

If a commercial property is known to be an historical building, the choice of contractor is much more critical.  Throughout the state of California, owners of historical buildings are obligated to keep their properties in good condition, providing necessary maintenance as expected by city, county or state historical society requirements. Typically, area historical societies have very low patience or tolerance for damage incurred during building maintenance projects, nor will they readily approve modifications to a building’s structure, inside or outside. If you are looking to strengthen your Bay area property, consider Saunders Commercial Seismic Retrofit.  Their employees are experienced professionals who have the knowledge and training to complete the necessary maintenance required on historical buildings and other commercial properties.

If you are looking for additional information about how bring your property up to current California building safety code standards with an earthquake retrofit, call the experts at Saunders Commercial Earthquake Retrofit today!

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